9 Best Islamic Fashion Styles that Arabic Women Wear Regularly

Islamic Fashion - Getty Images
Islamic Fashion - Getty Images

Islamic Fashion

Time is changing day by day and so our fashion industry is also evolving during this period. The fashion world is constantly witnessing new mornings every day. A new term came in the history of fashion, and it looks like it will stay for a longer time, i.e., an Islamic fashion. A revivalist movement appealed its community to dress modestly and religiously.

But during the 1980s and 1990s, when the movement started getting assorted, the style of covered dressing started to evolve into more voguish styles. Hence, it led to a new term Muslim or Islamic fashion in the fashion industry globally. Now, this concept is avowed by the whole world. So, here we are presenting nine Arab styles for women that they can wear on a daily basis.

  1. Hijab

In a traditional form, it is worn by women to maintain modesty and privacy. It is made of soft and comfortable viscose jersey fabric for everyday use but, on different occasions it has different fabric materials. It fits comfortably around the face and there are several ways or we can say style to wear the hijab. As the changing Islamic fashion styles now, there are hijab caps and hijab bands are also available in the market. You can upgrade your Hijab collection by shopping from top designers of Modanisa online store. Just use Modanisa discount codes and save a huge amount by shopping from the latest collections.

Islamic Fashion - Getty Images
A portrait of a young and fashionable muslim woman while walking in an old town ( Hamam Onu – – ) in Ankara, Turkey- Getty Images

2. Kaftans or Caftans

The amazing word about a caftan is that it can be wearable as up or down. You can carry this dress at many places such as working in the office, attending classes, hanging out with friends as it is a reliable, as well as go-to apparel. It comes in several styles, colors and patterns therefore, you can choose according to your style and taste. This ethnic dress suits every shape and size as it is slimming and breezy and it hides the bulges too.

It makes you feel confident, comfortable and stylish at the same time. You can become a trendsetter by accessorising your beautiful kaftan dress and carry a trendy handbag. So, to feel luxurious go to an online store, i.e., Farfetch as it has all the latest collections of handbags and to add additional savings, use Farfetch coupon codes and get all the top brands.

3. Abaya

A plain black abaya is one of the main garments in any Arab woman’s closet. There are a lot of ways to style a plain black abaya in everyday life as any fashionista. You can do layering, accessorize it, or style it with any embroidery details to reflect your personality. The easiest look that you can pull off is pairing the abaya with a hijab in neutral tones such as black, beige, or white and then match the color of the details to carry the accessories.

You can also express your own style by wearing bags and shoes in neutral tones, colorful or any pop-up colours. If you want to go with the trends, then try to wear a thin belt to cinch the waist as it will make your look more stylish.

Islamic Fashion - Getty Images
Three Arab women wearing traditional abaya watching the futuristic skyline of Doha, Qatar – Getty Images
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4. Farasha

Farasha is a flowy Islamic dress, which is loved by most of the Muslim women. It feels very comfortable to wear as well as looks good on everyone. You can find it in many styles, designs and colours which make it more suitable for any occasion. This dress can be carried on several occasions like on any festival, in a normal party, wedding, office wear, etc. You can wear this dress with a hijab or any type of jewellery and complete your whole look.

There are many amazing combinations of a traditional look with modernity in farasha dresses are available. Moreover, a lot of embroideries, handwoven, hand embroidery, animal prints, other prints and embellishments works are feasible in the market.

5. Fustan

Fustan is considered as a most fashionable and modest dress for Islamic women which has a pleated design and it goes up to ankle lengths. It is an elegant drape which has a different kind of designs such as some fustan consists of golden & silver colour beads, sequins and some of them has hand embroidery dress. This dress can be worn in different styles and designs depending on the occasion such as in lavish parties, casual or formal meetings, any religious event or at any other place.

You can find this dress in different types of material like crepe, georgette, chiffon which consists of various patterns and designs on it.

Islamic Fashion - Getty Images
Muslim Woman on the Streets – Getty Images

6. Burkini

A burkini is kind of swimsuit for women which is also known as Islamic swimwear. This dress looks modest and covers all the body parts except face, hands and feet. It comes like a pair of straight leggings, i.e., pants which are attached to a tunic top, and it has a hood or a cap to cover the head. It is very comfortable to wear and easy to carry as keeping in touch with modesty. It is difficult to participate in sports by wearing heavy clothes and a hijab so, that is the reason burkini is introduced for Islamic women. You can find this dress in different sizes and shapes, and it is also available for kids.

7. Jilbab

The term jilbab means any long and loose-fit coat or outer garment which is carried by Muslim women. Now, the upcoming modern design of this garment covers the whole body. Few women also cover their hands with gloves and face with a niqāb. Nike has come up with a new design of jilbab for the athletic women and it also let women play volleyball by respecting their traditional clothing style. It is made of different kinds of fabrics which provides the softness, pleasant texture, comfort and helps in easy to maintain. You can find different types of jilbab on the store such as children jilbab, prayer jilbab and more.

8. Khimar

Khimar is a very long piece of cloth that drapes from the head to the hands. Hijab is like a headscarf which covers the neck, and reaches to the shoulders but, Khimar consists of various types. Earlier it was only used to cover the head, but now it can be very long, sometimes it also covers up to knees or feet. In designs, you can find a cuff that not only makes your hijab beautiful but it is also comfortable for running, walking.

This dress can be worn on several occasions such as on nikkah or wedding, in family functions and more. It is for those who don’t know how to wear a scarf, for busy mothers and for female students. Khimar makes your look elegant, modesty, innocent, and stylish at the same time.

9. Modern with Modesty

Everyone wants to look trendy so Arab women too but, they do it in a way which looks like a fusion of faith and fashion. Islamic Fashion designers from different parts of the world are also welcoming their thoughts by modifying traditional look into a fashionable outfit. The white shirt is in trend and Arab women are carrying it so beautifully like they are wearing a white shirt with a long pant and accessorising with junk jewellery.

Popping colours are also in trend so to opt this trend women are choosing the bright colour of handbags and footwear’s which completely highlight their look. You can choose your trendy look from the VogaCloset as they always keep them updated with the latest collections. Use VogaCloset coupons to get the best discounts and upgrade your wardrobe with all the latest styles.

Everyone wants to express themselves in different ways and some choose Islamic fashion as a medium. Sometimes, it is hard to follow the trend by carrying the modesty and traditions. We suggested some styles that Arab women can choose to look fashionable and at the same time feel comfortable by not giving up on traditional preferences.



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