How to get rid of Deep Vein Thrombosis in a day?

Blood Clots in the Viens
Blood Clots in the Viens -

Deep vein thrombosis is a serious vascular health related problem. In DVT, blood clots form inside the damaged veins. This condition can occur anywhere in the body, but are mostly found on the legs due to the excess pressure exerted on the lower body.

Obesity, pregnancy, birth control pills and varicose veins are the most common factors that trigger the formation of blood clots in the veins. DVT may or may not cause symptoms until the clot breaks from the wall of the vein. The asymptomatic condition is rather rare and mostly find themselves to be struggling with the problematic symptoms of DVT since the beginning.

The common symptoms of DVT include the following:

  • Throbbing or pulsating pain in the legs
  • Feeling warm sensation around the affected area of the leg
  • Skin around the DVT affected area turns red or dark in color
  • Bulging veins feel hard and sore upon touching

If a person experiences such signs of deep vein thrombosis, they must reach out to a specialist doctor (vascular doctor). Not taking the potential seriousness of the symptoms into account can aggravate the condition with time.  Thus, seeking immediate medical help is the only right approach to get fast and complete relief from deep vein thrombosis.

Treatment for Deep Vein Thrombosis

There are various surgical and non-surgical treatment options available to get rid of DVT. The medications (non-surgical treatment) works effectively only in mild conditions. And, the conventional open surgery is quite complex and various other problems such as post-operative complications, pain, long recovery period, etc. Hence, the apprehension around the surgery for DVT is understandable.

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But, it will surprise you to know that modern laser surgery has no such issues. Yes, it is the best and the simplest treatment for DVT you could imagine that provides fastest relief. 

Get rid of deep vein thrombosis in just one day!

Laser treatment for deep vein thrombosis is an advanced high-precision procedure that uses the state of the art laser technology to cure deep vein thrombosis. In this procedure, the surgeon uses pulses of laser energy to enucleate or vaporize the blood clots present in the deeper veins of the body.

The treatment procedure does not require any major incisions or stitches on the body of the patient. The entire surgery is absolutely painless and does not leave behind any long-term, unpleasant wounds or scars.

Other benefits of laser treatment of DVT

Another major advantage of laser treatment is that it is a very quick procedure. The laser treatment takes up only around 45 minutes. It is performed as an outpatient procedure. This means that as soon as the effect of anesthesia subsides, you can go back home after thorough checking by the doctor. Thus, through the laser treatment for deep vein thrombosis, you can effectively say goodbye to the dangerous blood clots in just one day.

Moreover, the recovery is also very speedy. There is no risk of any postoperative complications or infections. Just make sure that you follow all the instructions given by your doctor and you’ll recover completely in less than a week.

Owing to its several benefits and advantages over the other complex procedures, many hospitals now offer the modern laser treatment for deep vein thrombosis in Delhi and other major Tier 1 city in India. By doing a little research and choosing a good hospital, you can ensure an even more safe and effective treatment experience.

One such healthcare provider that you can consult for a reliable surgery for deep vein thrombosis is Pristyn Care. They are one of the leading healthcare providers in the country and are partnered with the best vascular specialists and hospitals. All you need to do is book your appointment online with one of their specialists near you. After clearing out all your doubts, you can undergo the surgery in a Pristyn Care associated hospital near your place.

Tips to prevent the recurrence of deep vein thrombosis

  • Get enough rest. But as soon as you start to feel a little better, try to walk a little and gradually increase your activity. This would help maintain proper blood circulation in the legs and prevent it from clotting.
  • Drink plenty of water and other hydrating fluids. Doing so will prevent the blood from thickening.
  • Do not sit or stand continuously for prolonged periods of time. Ensure that you take little breaks after about every 30-45 minutes.
  • If you are overweight, try to shed those extra kilos. Obesity is one of the major risk factors for DVT and thus a healthy body weight will reduce the risk of recurrence of blood clots.
  • Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol. These can deteriorate your vascular health and increase the chances of blood clots and other dreadful complications.
  • If your doctor has prescribed any anticoagulant medicines, take them on time.
  • Ask your doctor if compression stocking would help. If so, wear them while carrying on with your routine tasks. Remember to take them off while going to bed.

Quick Note- If you experience pain and swelling in your legs even after several months of undergoing surgery, contact your doctor without delay. These can indicate post-thrombotic syndrome and need proper medical attention.

Final Words

Deep vein thrombosis must be treated effectively in the early stage to prevent the entering of the clot into the bloodstream. If this happens, it can even cause a stroke. Thus, why wait for an emergency situation to cause you frightening episodes of worry. Get in touch with a doctor without delaying and receive smooth treatment. This is the least you could do your health and for your family’s happiness.



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