The toppers or the secret of Hotel Beds with which you ensure a great rest

The toppers or the secret of hotel beds with which you ensure a great rest
The toppers or the secret of hotel beds with which you ensure a great rest

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Have you ever wondered why you sleep so well in an upper-middle-range hotel bed? In general, their beds wrap the body very well and have a tight balance, they are neither too hard nor too soft. That is because in most cases they use toppers to protect the mattress and ensure a better rest.

And what are toppers? Toppers are very thin mats or mattresses (between 5 and 10 centimetres), which are placed on the mattress. They have elastic under the corners to adapt to the mattresses on which they are placed and act as a new and final layer on the mattress.

The toppers are usually made of latex, wool, foam or memory foam. Its materials are important because they are the ones that are closest to the body.

Being so thin, toppers have the great advantage that they can be ventilated easily and are a good way to keep the mattress intact (without stains) .

But perhaps the biggest advantage of the topper is that they facilitate a good rest in the case of not having a good mattress. Now that summer is approaching you may be wanting to go to the house in the town or the beach, but you suffer every time you remember the spring mattress you have there (because you notice them all). Buying a topper is a practical solution and much cheaper than changing the mattress. Best mattress

In addition, all toppers have a great advantage that they are easily transported because it is rolled up.

With prices of the toppers ranging between 40 and 200 euros, we have selected three toppers. The two best-selling models on Amazon and the Ikea model with the best ratings. At Ikea they are called “mattresses” and they have always opted for this product.


The good news is that it does not reach 100 euros. It is viscoelastic which relieves pressure from the body, both in case of low and high weight load. It is anti-mite and anti-bacterial which makes it very suitable for allergy sufferers. It has four straps to fix it on the corners of the mattress and its cover is removable and washable at up to 60 ° C

With more than a hundred evaluations this topper comes out very well valued, and this is what some users say about it

“I really liked the mattress !! You feel wrapped up !! I was doubting between this one and another, and I don’t know what the other would be like but of course, with this one I was right”.

“The mattress is soft and adapts to the body completely. After more than a month of use, the important thing is that it always returns to its original shape immediately as soon as you lift your weight from it, without deformation over time. so far. It is not entirely breathable and gives a bit of heat but not especially.

It comes with a cover that can be removed to wash. Also with four rubber bands to attach it to the mattress. Your purchase has been a success. My rest has improved Thank you very much to the topper since before I noticed the springs in the bed and now, on the contrary, I sleep comfortably on it. I liked the result so much that in the future I will buy one for a smaller bed in the house. I recommend its purchase “.

“We liked it a lot. We rented a flat that had a bed with a rather uncomfortable mattress and to solve the problem and not have to buy a mattress we opted for this mattress cover, the first night we noticed it quite a bit. Not how uncomfortable it was. I could sleep, but that’s fixed. It can be put on and taken off very easily. “

“It has allowed my mattress, used occasionally in a summer house and which is one of those that used to be hard as a stone, to look like new. It was not sagged or deformed, but it lacked the comfort we are getting used to lately and This topper has left me like the best new ones from a first-class store that I valued. I bought the 5 cm one and it was enough. I am very happy. It hardly moves, I thought I would have to replace it daily, but I don’t need to “

“I have a new mattress but it was very hard for me and I bought the topper to make it more comfortable. The product has been effective and my back no longer hurts. It is made of memory foam and adapts to the body perfectly, the only downside is that I’m very warm and it’s warmer than a traditional mattress. “

“I bought it to avoid the hardness of my mattress because it destroyed my back. Since I have the topper, goodbye to pain, it is comfortable, soft and pleasant, it seems of good quality and at a ridiculous price. Highly recommended.”

There is also an Aloe Vera option.


This topper has a top face with exclusive stretch fabric and the bottom face with breathable Airfresh 3D fabric. Its interior is also viscoelastic and it has the 4 elastic adjustable to the mattress

As the previous model has more than a hundred opinions, most of them very positive.


At Ikea, you can find very cheap toppers, although they don’t have very good reviews. This is the one that is best value, although its price is a bit high.

It is filled with foam to mould to the body and the elastic fabric of the upper part of the mattress moulds to the movements to guarantee greater comfort. The cover is removable and machine washable, easy to clean.

And now, you know the secret of hotels and that a topper is a solution to a bad mattress.

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