Choosing the Best Abaya dress that Suits Your Body

Best Abaya
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Different Abaya styles as per the occasions

Best Abaya Dress

Modest fashion is quickly becoming a global phenomenon and there is a complete line of products that Muslim women can now choose from anywhere in the world. More and more companies are getting into this side of the fashion industry to cater to an extremely large customer base that has not been in consideration for a long time. With hijab fashion becoming a mainstream trend, there is a lot of variety available nowadays for women in stores like Modanisa. If you are in the market for something good looking and well made, you can consider buying it by using a modanisa discount code as well.

The specific topic of discussion here is the Best abaya dress, the gown that covers a Muslim woman’s body completely. You may think that having a gown means no visibility whatsoever, but the truth is far from it. With the wrong type of best abaya on your body, you will be attracting just as much attention as you would without one so wearing something that suits you is important. This article will provide you with all the information you need to acquire the abaya dress style that suits you perfectly. Once you figure that out, you can go ahead and use your modanisa discount code to buy one at a very affordable price!

Understanding body shapes

Before you go about buying your best abaya, it is important to see what body shape you have. You do not want to buy an abaya dress that looks beautiful and is expensive but simply does not work for your body shape. That would be a huge waste of money and would make you look like a sore thumb which you do not want. For an easy guide, you can refer to the different body shapes that people can be categorized into and see which one is the most accurate for you.

–           Pear Shaped: This shape typically involves a smaller torso and a larger bottom area. The best option for this would be an abaya dress that flares out from the waist down.

–           Apple Shaped: With a larger top half, the best option is to go for an abaya with a loose fit. They will be both comfortable and flatter on this body.

–              Hourglass Shaped: Having an abaya with a nipped waist works great for this body shape. However, it is important to keep the top and bottom halves loose to maintain modesty.

–             Rectangle Shaped: Being a fairly straight body means there is a lot more freedom so this body can adorn pretty much any type of abaya dress. However, flared bottoms and streamlines may not be a good idea.

Choose the Right Colors

You may be tempted to go for the best abaya that stands out among the crowd but that will lead to several problems. Firstly, a vibrant looking abaya dress may not be the right choice for a lot of occasions, especially from a modesty perspective. Secondly, you will also find yourself wearing it a lot less than you expected due to the difficulties it creates with accessorizing. Being typically expensive, they can end up becoming a huge waste of money which you do not want at all.

Instead, we highly recommend something that has a flattering color. While you may step out of the black abaya option and explore other colors, stick to something neutral like a marina or navy blue, or perhaps a mocha-colored abaya. These will maintain a modest look, and also allow you to accessorize much more than an embellished abaya. You can find some great collections at the Modanisa store and use a modanisa discount code for awesome price slashing as well!

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Choose the Right Cloth

For most women, the abaya is the main piece of cloth that they show when going out. Being something that covers your entire body for the whole day, you would want to opt for comfort before looks. Go for something that is made of soft materials and is easy to carry as well. Abayas with adornments and embroidery may appeal to the eye but you will find out quite soon that the body rejects it pretty much instantly.

Instead, we recommend choosing something that is soft, easy to maintain and is made from materials like silk, or an easy-care fabric. These will keep you comfortable throughout the day and will not be a burden on your body either. However, these may get a bit expensive, and finding the right product can also be a bit difficult. We highly recommend that you buy from the Modanisa store that has a vast collection for you to choose from. You can also make sure you do not pay extravagant prices by using one of the many modanisa discount code options available online.

Is there anything that you think we should know about abaya selection? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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