Best 5 Thoughtful Diwali Gift Ideas You Can Try

Diwali gift ideas - Getty images
Diwali gift ideas - Getty images


Diwali is a festival of lights, and why is it celebrated? When is it celebrated? We are aware of all the stuff till now as we have read a lot about it while we were kids. But no one taught us what we really should do on Diwali to make it memorable. Well, Koi Baat Nahi! We are here to let you know how to make your Diwali celebration memorable.

There is only one thing which is most important in everyone’s life, and that is FAMILY. So, making your family happy and enjoying them will boost your happiness as well for sure. One of the things we can do to make them happy is, present them with memorable and unique gifts. Let’s get started and see what all stuff we can give them as gifts.

  •  Plant

With the increase in pollution levels, what could be an ideal gift other than a plant? Plants make immaculate Diwali presents for loved ones as well as corporate. You can likewise dazzle your relatives with this gift. Plants like lucky bamboo, money plant, brilliant syngonium, and jade are the few choices from an assortment of plants that you can decide for gifting somebody on this Diwali.

  • Personalised Gifts
Diwali Gift Ideas

Personalised or customised gifts are something that can win anybody’s heart. This Diwali, you can gift customized Diwali presents to your loved ones. You can make personalised photograph frames and welcome cards with sweet, warm messages from you. Do your loved ones have pets? In that case, give them something useful with a charming photo of their pet and they will cherish and appreciate it forever. These and a lot more customized gifts can be purchased on the internet or gift shops. Personalised clocks, wristwatches, pens, and keychains are some other astonishing gifts that can be presented on Diwali.

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  • Gift Cards

Gift cards are another mainstream gift alternative that comes as the physical card and also as an e-card. It makes an ideal present for those whom you don’t know very well yet. Brands like Pantaloons, Energie, Nike, Bata,, Oh! Calcutta eatery, Machaan café, Prestige, and so on have gift cards in various categories. You can either visit the store or restaurant for a gift or just visit their site online. You can likewise get them at online gifting portals.

  • Home Decor Items

Home decor items can be given as Diwali gifts to your precious ones. Who doesn’t care for the scent? So, you can choose to gift scented candles. As Diwali is a festival of lights, you can also present some lighting gifts like lamps or lampshades with a unique design. Mirrors are also a pretty good option as they are not only used to see your reflections but also to be used for decoration purposes. You can gift somebody a unique layout mirror to give a cutting edge look to their home.

  • Flowers

Flowers spread its scent all over the place. You can likewise give your loved ones a bouquet or basket of their favorite flowers alongside the gifts. If you are worried about them getting spoiled, what you can do is order them from online florists and get them delivered to the doorstep of your loved ones without any worries.

These were some of the Diwali gifts you can choose from and can simply buy from any gift outlet or order from online gifting portals. Happy Diwali!!!



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